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Until the Question is asked ....

The Answer is no help.

I say this to many of my customers .... and I've had it on my web site for many years.

What does it mean?

Like most technology, the answer may not be simple. After repairing many computers and showing users how problems occurred, I will be asked something like, "Well, how do I do .... something?" I'm always glad to help teach people about computers but sometimes a seemingly simple question can lead to many different answers.

Much like someone asking, "How do I get there?", the answer usually has to start with, "Where are you coming from?"

Another analogy is a question such as that asked by someone who has never seen or used a telephone. The person sees someone use a phone and knows they would like to be able to use it to talk to their friends. He or she plays with the phone unsuccessfully and does not get it to work.

They see you use the phone and ask, "What's the number that you dial to talk to your friends?"

You reply, "Oh that's easy. Just dial your friend's number."

Then they promptly say, "Well I don't know my friend's number. That's what I'm asking you for .... just tell me the number that you use so I can also use it to talk to my friends."

Looking somewhat perplexed, but genially trying to help, you say, "But .... you must either know the number or look it up in a phonebook. The number I just used only calls my friend."

Now the person begins to appear frustrated, as if you are keeping some secret from him. Adding what he thinks is insult to injury, you volunteer, "That's what the phonebook is for."

Now he is really frustrated and snaps back, "Well, I don't see you with carrying a phonebook around with you!" Then he storms off muttering under his breath.

Are you beginning to see the difficulty of explaining new technology? The steps are not always as simple as 1, 2, 3. Unfortunately, most of the time, the answer is one of a multiple choice. To provide the best answer, one must determine where the person asking the question is coming from in order to be able to get him to where he needs to go.

In the process of trying to help explain computers and technology to people, I can see their eyes glass over as I try to tell them about computers and the different ways to perform the same task. It is from this experience that I have learned that the only answer that sticks with most people is the one to the question they ask. And it is only that answer they will try to understand.

So thatís what it means.

Until the Question is asked...

The Answer is no help.

For a more detailed explanation just ask me.


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